At The Retreat

Retreat in KL, Rest Pause

Enjoy the activities available at the retreat and aim to educate your kids about the natural environment in a fun way.

Awesome vacation in retreat KL, Rest Pause

River Dipping

Ok, stream. A little cloudy stream (used to be crystal clear) runs across the bottom of the retreat and is perfect for a dip, some splashing and for the kids, an enjoyable introduction to the insects and inhabitants of the water. The stream is shallow and slow moving with easily accessible banks and boulders to just laze around all day. The best time to enjoy the stream is during mid-day. We haven’t seen much fresh water prawns now-a-days (there used to be) but you can try your luck to spot them (catch and release please if you do spot them) and keep us posted.

Awesome vacation in retreat KL, Rest Pause

Shoot Beautiful Rainforest Photos

You may be surprised to learn that by far the best weather for shooting in a rainforest is when it’s overcast. The clouds act as ‘nature’s diffuser’ and they’ll stop unsightly highlights and shadows appearing in your images. Whether you’re photographing a waterfall or cascade, a tree root or a valley filled with tree ferns, subtle lighting will really help you to take a good rainforest photo. On cold mornings, mist will often appear throughout the forest, and if you happen to be in the right place at the right time, rays of light can also appear beaming through the rainforest canopy. The combination of overcast weather, mist and rays of light can make for very special rainforest images. Remember, this often happens around sunrise, so early starts are unfortunately essential!

Awesome vacation in retreat KL, Rest Pause

Nature Walk

Walk around the retreat to discover some of the wildlife, insects, plants and trees living in the forest. The walks offer a fascinating insight into the spectacular virgin rainforest. The best time to go for a walk is in the early morning or late evenings to watch the beautiful sunrise or sunset and enjoy the cool air. Some of the interesting wildlife you may spot includes horn bills, monkeys, gibbons, wild boars and tropical monitor lizards.

Awesome vacation in retreat KL, Rest Pause

Fish Feeding

Feed the fish* frolicking in the pond (*but no fishing please – the fish are our friendly pets, so please help us to keep them safe), and watch the dragonflies dance on the water surface. Fishes in the pond include red tilapias, patin, puyu and sultan. Please note that the pond is 4 feet deep and is a hazard to young kids, Please be extra cautious if you have young kids around. STRICTLY no swimming in the pond.

Awesome vacation in retreat KL, Rest Pause

Paper Planes

Make and fly your very own paper planes! Follow a selection of plane designs to make for a distance and accuracy competition. This is a favourite past time of one of the grandchild when he comes here. He is a teenager now and still shoots off paper planes from the veranda and see how long they glide.

Awesome vacation in retreat KL, Rest Pause

Natural Art

The retreat lends itself to being a canvas for this activity. Using only what you can find around the retreat, create a piece of artwork in groups or individually that will blend in and bio-degrade.

Awesome vacation in retreat KL, Rest Pause

Rain Music

When it rains, simply make yourself a hot cup of coffee or tea, and listen to the soothing sounds of rainfall and watch how magical the rainfall is in the forest. It’s an amazing experience by itself. Rain occurs usually in the afternoon and the air is freshest after the rain.