Retreat in KL, Rest Pause

When is my reservation confirmed?

We do our best to confirm your reservation and get back to you as soon as we can. Sometimes within minutes and sometimes a little longer. Always within 24 hours!

What is the check-in and check-out time?

Check-in time is at 3pm and checkout time is at 12pm, unless otherwise agreed. We advise to check in before 6pm to avoid getting lost on the way.

Are there additional charges for children accompanying parents?

Children aged 6 and below can stay for free, sharing a room with 2 adults whilst utilizing the existing bedding. Children 7 and above will have the same rates as adults. Breakfast is included for all guests (including those 6 and below).

How do I contact you if I need help?

We are available 5 days a week from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. Please email or Facebook us as we are always on the go.

Do you provide WiFi?

We have WiFi under Unifi at 300mbps. We do encourage you to really disconnect and connect with yourself or the people you came with. That will truly be pressing reset.

Is mobile phone service available at the retreat?

Mobile service is limited to Celcom at the moment at certain corners of the retreat.

What do you mean by self-catering?

Once you arrive and are shown the house, we pretty much leave you alone to enjoy and rejuvenate. Our caretakers clean upon request and are available from 8am to 5pm. If you need assistance, please request before 4pm. However, our caretakers are available to attend to emergencies at night.

How is the drive to the retreat?

It’s an easy drive to the retreat. However, parking at the designated bays in front of the house may be a challenge for some. The slope can be steep for some who are not used to it. But the 75 year old grandpa of the family has been driving down the slope for many years. You may choose to park at the side of the main road at the signage of the retreat before walking down to the retreat.

Can I recce the retreat before I decide to stay the night?

We are a private residence. We only allow those with prior arrangement to enter the property.

Can I bring friends who are not staying the night?


We do not allow day guests and are very strict with this. Extra people can overwhelm our facilities.

Can I add extra mattresses and have more people if I pay extra?

We can only add a maximum of 10 extra mattresses. Our concept promises space, privacy and peace. This is something guests will not enjoy if the house is filled over capacity. The maximum number of guests we will accept is 20. Maximum numbers are non-negotiable for everyone’s comfort.

Are there mosquitoes and other insects?

Mosquitoes, midges, gnats, and other insects are part of nature and they exist here as we are located in the midst of the rainforest. However, their presence are minimal as it is cooling here. You are advised to bring your own repellents. We provide mosquito screens in the bedrooms and mosquito coil upon request.


Note; different people have different reactions to different insect bites. We do provide insect bite balm in the home. However, those with severe reactions to bites are advised to seek professional medical advice from doctors. While we will try our best to prevent insects from entering the home and provide our guests with basic repellents, we are still ultimately in the forest and cannot control any bites which may occur.

Are there leeches?

Leeches are part of nature and you do sometimes find them at the stream and surrounding areas after the rain or when it’s dark. If you are afraid of leeches, play at the stream when the sun is up. The most effective way to avoid leeches is to soak raw tobacco leaves in water and transfer the water into a small bottle to carry around and spray onto your clothes and pants. The smell of the tobacco is able to slow down the leech and ultimately intoxicate it. If the leech is already stuck on your body, apply salt onto the leech and it will drop off instantaneously.

Do I have to bring charcoal for the barbecue?

We provide enough charcoal to last about an hour. Additional charcoal can be bought at RM18 per pack. You can also bring your own. Our caretakers will light the barbecue for guests upon request. Please inform our caretakers what time you would like the fire lighted (we advise to start on time to avoid wasting your allocated charcoal).

What is your cancellation policy and change of date policy?

-Any cancellations received within 14 days or more prior to arrival will be charged 10% of the entire booking reserved. 

-Any cancellations received less than 14 days prior to arrival will be charged 50% of the entire booking reserved.

-Any cancellations within 24 hours prior to arrival will be charged 100% of the entire booking reserved and considered a no show.

-Any change of date made within 14 days or more prior to arrival can be changed to another date at no cost. Change of date is subject to availability. If change of date is made less than 14 days prior to arrival, 10% of the entire booking reserved will be charged as administrative fee.

-Any refunds will be transferred directly to the account of your choice minus any bank transfer charges and an administrative fee.

-For any cancellation or modification to your reservation, please email to contact@rest-pause.com