House Rules

Retreat in KL, Rest Pause

Stick to Your Number

Please keep to your word on the number of persons you booked. No day visitors are allowed. We are strict with this rule; additional charges of RM150 per person apply on the spot when you check-in with additional day or over-night guests.

Retreat in KL, Rest Pause

Peace & Quiet

We are a quiet retreat and would like to keep it that way to ensure the community and environment stays that way. Loud parties cannot be tolerated out of respect for our neighbours and caretakers. If you plan to have loud parties and binge drinking, this WILL NOT be a suitable place for you.


Keep the Place Clean

We are more akin to a home stay than a resort. We strive to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We would appreciate it if you keep the place clean and tidy. Please help clean the dishes and utensils you have used before leaving.

monkey copy

Do Not Feed The Monkeys

Feeding leads to an aggressive behaviour towards humans and other species. This is beginning to happen in Tanahrimba. Our caretakers have young children, when you feed the monkeys you are endangering the children.


No Unsupervised Kids at the Pond and Stream

Please have adults accompany the children at the pond and stream at all times. The pond is deep and poses a danger to young children. When it is raining upstream, there can be strong currents at the stream.


Cost of Souvenirs

If you love our towels and duvet, you can purchase them at the following prices. Bath towel RM40, hand towel RM20 and duvets at RM150.


No Smoking & Vaping

Smoking and vaping is allowed outside the house only.

Safeguard the Beauty

Please do not damage our retreat by removing the items provided for your comfort and convenience, and dragging the furniture.

Park with Respect

Please park carefully along the side of the road or designated areas to avoid disruption to our neighbours.

Protect Nature

Keep power usage down and safeguard the purity of nature. Please throw rubbish in bins to avoid inviting the monkeys and insects.