The Retreat


The Rest. Pause. Rainforest Retreat offers a sanctuary for those craving to escape the mind numbing city sights and sounds. Set amidst a backdrop of West Malaysia’s oldest rainforest with fresh cool air, the sounds of the Sum Sum stream, a chorus of jungle monkeys and the occasional call of the hornbill, it’s where you press reset and be at peace.

Here the activities engage your senses in a different sense. Smell the greens of the forest, listen to the whispers of the evening drizzle, watch for the glide of the hornbill that usually visits in the late afternoons, touch the dew drops in the early morning as it slides down the leaves, and taste the pace of slowing down.

Located in the tranquil gated community of Tanarimba in Janda Baik, Pahang at an elevation of one thousand feet above sea level, we hope our retreat will elevate your rest to a whole new level. Our retreat offers a spacious accommodation with home comfort and enchanting views of the verdant forest.

You can spend your hours sitting at the wooden veranda overlooking the lush greens of the rainforest floor, playing in the stream (used to have crystal clear water but upstream developments has muddied the water in recent years) within our property grounds, or even gazing at the stars whilst enjoying your barbeque dinner.

Fully self-contained with 2 living areas, 4 bedrooms, ensuite bathrooms, a library (of old books) and a well-equipped indoor and outdoor kitchen, our retreat serves as a refuge away from traffic congestions, office politics, Excel sheets, Power Point decks and weekend SMS-es (or WhatsApp) from bosses you affordable papers pray would retire last year. It is suitable for small groups of friends and families of up to 15 guests looking for a peaceful rejuvenating escape.

How It Started


Who the hell would want a place with almost no mobile phone coverage? Well, Rest. Pause. Rainforest Retreat was built as a family retreat home in 2003 by Mr & Mrs Mah for their retirement. They share this acre of the forest with their family and friends who often gather over weekends and the holidays just to – well, rest and pause. They and their family continue to use the retreat till today.

The retreat soon became a much sought after ‘hang out’ place for their family and friends usually stressed out with city living and fatigued from the rat race. Over time and after years of urging – and with age catching up – they have decided to share their private acre of escape with a bigger community.

Some find it disturbing that you need to disconnect to connect with friends, family and loved ones. We hope you find it liberating. If you have always wanted to walk away from it all, here’s a perfect experience of how it feels. We highly recommend taking a weekday leave so you can come visit. A weekend getaway just doesn’t feel like “walking away from it all.”

Who Would Enjoy It Most


You are stressed out. Endless meetings, proposals, Excel sheets and Power Point presentations. You crave for the power to take some much needed rest and see the point of it all. Well, here is your chance. Rest. Pause. is a short 45 minutes drive from the Klang Valley. Bring a book (or books), bring your favourite music collection, and invite a few like-minded friends (we can take up to 15 guests) and your will to unwind and be willing to rest and pause.


It’s time to calm the palpitating heart and the racing mind. This is the perfect place. There is no mobile phone coverage. Eat a simple breakfast, sip your coffee for hours and drive down to Bukit Tinggi New Village for a deliciously affordable meal. Come back for your afternoon nap. Have more coffee (or tea, if tea is more your cup of tea) and look forward to an evening of barbeque or steamboat.

The kids and in-laws have taken over your lives; in a good way of course. Throw work into the midst and you are just about to explode. Evening conversations have veered to saving for the kids’ education and which private school will deliver the best value for money. You wonder what happened to the passion between you guys. What happened is, time. There isn’t enough time, until you make time.


Retreat to Rest. Pause. Make time for each other. Take time to eliminate the distractions. Focus on each other and just talk. In the silence of the forest, you will relearn how to listen and talk. It will be invigorating.


It’s time to press reset.

Ok, we know. The whole house to yourselves as a couple is such a waste; after all you are saving for the kids’ education. Then bring the family. We have enough rooms for 15 guests. Bring the kids and grandpa and grandma. Bring the kids’ favourite uncles and aunties and cousins as well. It will be a nice catch-up with barbeque and steamboat. Plus, the kids get to experience the forest and a delightful time entertaining themselves in the stream.


If you are lucky enough, you can catch the hornbill that glides into the area during the late evenings. Even wild boars can be seen by the roadside digging for food (if you are lucky, since they aren’t on our payroll so it’s a little tough to arrange for their appearance). Monkeys are a common sight.

Take your management team here. Extract yourselves from the phone calls and the endless emails. You will have perfect excuse here as there is very very limited internet access and mobile phone coverage. There will be nothing else to focus on but the task at hand. The way forward for next financial cycle mapped out on the forest floor.


Be warned to bring along everything you need for your sessions. Do not leave it on some cloud computing service hoping to access it here. The only clouds we have at the retreat are soft cottony ones that you see when you look up on a clear day; oh by the way when was the last time you appreciated the clouds nature has to offer?

You probably get the idea by now that Rest. Pause. Rainforest Retreat is an ideal place for your meditation retreat or a quick get away with your cell group. Nature and silence is part of the package here.