Retreat in KL, Rest Pause

Our Retreat is designed over two levels with 2 living rooms, 4 spacious bedrooms and 2 kitchens (indoor and outdoor), comfortably for a capacity of 15 guests. The living area, flanked by wide wooden verandah on the ground floor is perfect for gathering, creative exploration, yoga and meditation retreat.

Rooms & Amenities

Awesome vacation in retreat KL, Rest Pause

The main master bedroom with ensuite bathroom on the upper floor is furnished with 1 king-sized bed and 1 single bed, a walk-through wardrobe and a dressing area.


The second master bedroom with ensuite bathroom on the ground floor is furnished with 1 queen-sized bed, and a cabinet.


The third bedroom with ensuite bathroom on the upper floor is furnished with 1 queen-sized mattress and 1 single mattress in tatami style, and a wardrobe.

The fourth bedroom with an adjoining bathroom on the ground floor is furnished with 2 super-single mattresses in tatami style, and a cabinet.


Amenities provided include ceiling fans, hot water showers, towels, soap, shampoo and hair dryer. Air-conditioning is not provided as the day-time temperature of the surrounding is between 22 to 28 degrees Celsius. It can get chilly at night with temperatures ranging from 16 to 22 degrees Celsius.


Stare at the serenity of the rainforest from dawn to dusk. It is really that calming. Some would say disturbing because they aren’t used to this sort of pace, where time meanders through the day and one learns to be at peace with it.


If you feel bored perhaps this is the sort of boredom your mind truly needs. Frolic at the cool natural stream (most times cloudy due to the development upstream) that runs through our house ground or feed the little fishes in the pond.


Eat, drink, and chill whilst submerging in the amazing rainforest view from the veranda or the open air viewing deck. We have a different breakfast each day along with coffee and tea. Expect eggs, toast & sausages, or pancakes, or noodles at 8.30am every morning.


Some members of the family love the barbeque. You will see a home-made BBQ pit equipped with a commercial sink outside. Sit out in the outdoor viewing deck, enjoy the cool night air, gaze at the stars, and savour the flavours of your very own freshly cooked barbeque. It’s an activity we highly recommend you do. We provide the charcoal and BBQ equipment for guests upon request. Please bring your prepared barbeque meats and such (or you will have to go hunt them yourselves – just kidding). Simple seasonings like salt, soy sauce, pepper, sugar and oil are also available.

Best Retreat in KL, Rest Pause


Awesome vacation in retreat KL, Rest Pause

Our kitchens are equipped with cooking utensils, equipment and dining cutlery. These include a water filter for drinking water, a refrigerator, a gas stove, an oven, a kettle, a toaster, half boil egg maker, a rice cooker and an electrical steamboat pot. Cooking oil, salt, sugar, soy sauce, coffee and tea are also available.


We allow only light cooking at the indoor kitchen like instant noodles. For heavier cooking, we highly recommend using the outdoor kitchen. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy the nature. We do not provide any catering services.


Best Retreat in KL, Rest Pause

We provide Astro with Movies, Sports and Kids channels. We have 50 movie DVDs for your viewing pleasure. You are also encouraged to bring your own movies.

Best Retreat in KL, Rest Pause

This is the best time to catch up with reading. Bring your own books and find a cosy corner of the house to enjoy it. We have an extensive range of books (but you may not like them) and children board games (board games make city kids bored, so bring have them bring their electronic gadgets – we have WiFi with Unifi @300mbps). Mobile coverage is still limited.

Best Retreat in KL, Rest Pause

We provide WiFi access under Unifi at 300mbps. For mobile service, only Celcom is accessible at certain corners of the retreat at the moment.


Awesome vacation in retreat KL, Rest Pause

We provide 3 parking bays at the house but some find driving down to the porch at the house a little challenging. After the signboard, you’ll see a steep slope down. Keep calm and don’t panic. Just put it on a lower gear and have your brakes ready. After the first time you will find it’s not that scary after all. The 75 year old grandpa of the house has been driving down this slope all these years. You may choose to park at the road side before entering the house. Please do not park at the neighbour’s house.


Friendly staff of short getaway in kl,rest pause

We welcome our new caretakers, a mother and son team of Nu Man (centre) and A Bawi (right, call him Ah Boy when you see him). They’re pictured here with husband and father – Pastor Lian, (left). San Lun and Ah Thawng, have been welcomed to Australia under a UNHCR program. We wish them all the best as they begin their new lives in Australia.


They will be at your service from 8am to 5pm to ensure you have a relaxed and enjoyable stay. All you need to do is ask. Beyond 5pm, you can still ask for help but do respect their privacy and also rest time.