Best Retreat in KL, Rest Pause

How It Started

Retreat in KL, Rest Pause

Who the hell would want a place with almost no mobile phone coverage?

Well, Rest. Pause. Rainforest Retreat was built as a family retreat home in 2003 by Mr & Mrs Mah for their retirement. They share this acre of the forest with their family and friends who often gather over weekends and the holidays just to – well, rest and pause. They and their family continue to use the retreat till today.

The retreat soon became a much sought after ‘hang out’ place for their family and friends usually stressed out with city living and fatigued from the rat race. Over time and after years of urging – and with age catching up – they have decided to share their private acre of escape with a bigger community.

Some find it disturbing that you need to disconnect to connect with friends, family and love ones. We hope you find it liberating. If you have always wanted to walk away from it all, here’s a perfect experience of how it feels. We highly recommend taking a weekday leave can come visit. A weekend getaway just doesn’t feel like “walking away from it all.”